Ep. 65 – Some Rules Are For Everyone: Consistency Above All

Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Ep. 65 - Some Rules Are For Everyone: Consistency Above All

In Episode 65 of the Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast titled “Some Rules Are For Everyone,” hosts Joshua, Lucas, and Erik engage in a deep dive into the nuances of parental consistency and rule enforcement. The episode opens with a debate on the variability of rules depending on parenting styles. Erik discusses the contrast between authoritative and authoritarian approaches, emphasizing, “if you take your two different parenting styles, the authoritative and the authoritarian, you’re going to have two different takes on that one title right there.”

As the discussion unfolds, the hosts explore the consequences of rigidly applying rules versus adapting them to the family’s needs. Erik shares a personal anecdote about his childhood punishments to illustrate the potential severity of strict rule enforcement. He recalls, “My parents always put limits on it, you know, 30-day grounding… but it had a time limit,” highlighting the importance of boundaries within discipline.

The conversation shifts towards the impact of inconsistency in parenting. Erik points out the long-term effects of not following through with established rules, explaining how children learn to navigate the reliability of their parents’ words. He notes, “If you don’t stick with what it is that you’ve said that you’re going to do, then you’re going to lose any credibility for any authority in that child’s life.”

Addressing the challenges parents face in being consistent, Joshua poses a scenario about shifting parenting tactics after realizing past inconsistencies. Erik responds with advice on gradual changes to build credibility, “So pick easy things that you can then be able to automatically, even if the stuff’s just down in the closet and you know it and they don’t know it, but that’s a part of that consistency that’s coming in there.”

The episode concludes with a broader reflection on the importance of demonstrating consistent behavior, not just in rule enforcement but also in everyday actions. As Erik aptly puts it, “if you’re going to say, listen, TV goes off at 8:00, then the TV goes off at 8:00.” This principle reinforces the overarching message of the podcast: parenting effectively involves consistent, reliable actions that help build a secure environment for children. For more insights, visit empoweringchoices.community or download the Empowering Choices Parenting app for additional resources and courses on parenting fundamentals.


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