Ep. 72 – The Day Joshua Plugged Himself Into The Wall: “Don’t Ever Do That Again!”

Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Ep. 72 - The Day Joshua Plugged Himself Into The Wall: "Don't Ever Do That Again!"

In the captivating episode “Ep.72 – The Day Joshua Plugged Himself Into the Wall” from the “Empowering Choices” podcast, hosts Joshua, Lucas, and guest Erik delve into Joshua’s childhood experiments with electricity, revealing both his early ingenuity and the educational challenges he faced. The episode serves as a springboard into broader discussions about nurturing the intellectual and creative spirits of students who may not fit the traditional learning mold. The story begins with Joshua recounting an event from third grade, where, driven by his passion for electronics, he attempted to power a homemade weather belt by plugging it directly into a school wall socket. “I had all that concealed because I had the belt on, I had the train controller in my pocket,” Joshua explains. His teachers’ shocked reactions underscored a recurring theme in his education: innovative yet unconventional methods that often led to misunderstanding and reprimand. Lucas and Erik expand on this narrative, debating the best ways to engage intellectually curious and energetic students. They suggest that traditional educational settings often stifle such students, who might resort to disruptive behavior out of boredom. Erik shares a personal anecdote to illustrate this point, “I mean, half the class was up there going, ‘oh my gosh, are you okay?'” he recounts about a dramatic classroom presentation that startled both students and faculty. This incident highlights the fine line between creative expression and classroom decorum. The discussion then shifts towards potential solutions for harnessing students’ energies positively. Erik emphasizes the importance of tailored educational approaches, recalling how personalized projects and understanding from educators could have redirected his and his peers’ energies more constructively. “It would have been so much better if she said, ‘hey, I know you already know some of this stuff. Would you want to put together something and show us?'” Joshua muses about how different his school experience might have been with more adaptive teaching methods. Concluding the episode, the hosts advocate for a more flexible educational framework that recognizes and cultivates individual talents and interests. By sharing their personal experiences and those of others, they highlight the necessity of adapting teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and intelligence types. This approach not only helps manage behavioral issues but also enriches the educational journey for students who might otherwise feel marginalized or misunderstood. This episode of “Empowering Choices” not only offers insights into the challenges faced by uniquely skilled students but also provides valuable strategies for parents and educators aiming to foster an environment where every student can thrive.


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