Ep. 71 – Hyper Donkey: ADHD In the Classroom

Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Ep. 71 - Hyper Donkey: ADHD In the Classroom

The episode “Ep.71 – Hyper Donkey” from the Empowering Choices podcast delves into the complexities of managing ADHD in educational environments through personal anecdotes and expert advice. The hosts, Lucas, Erik, and Joshua, explore the varied experiences of children with ADHD, emphasizing the importance of understanding and adapting educational practices to meet diverse needs. Joshua begins the episode with a humorous yet insightful recount of his school days, where he struggled with the conventional classroom setting due to his hyperactivity. “I was a little extra. I just always had a lot of energy,” Joshua shares, revealing how traditional schooling often left him feeling stifled and misunderstood. This sets the stage for a broader discussion on the challenges faced by energetic and creative children in rigid educational systems. Erik, a co-host, provides a professional perspective, stressing the need for flexibility in handling ADHD. He discusses the adverse effects of suppressing natural energies in children, such as making “hyper donkey” noises, a reference to Joshua’s childhood coping mechanism. Erik suggests that incorporating movement and sensory activities can significantly benefit children with ADHD. “If we were to learn about donkeys, would this help?” he posits, highlighting the potential of integrating interests into learning to foster better engagement. The conversation shifts to practical strategies for educators and parents, with Erik recounting his experiences as a federal aid in a classroom. He describes innovative approaches like creating physical boundaries with tape to help students manage their space and focus. This method helped a student named Billy, who thrived under the new structure. “You can do your work any way you want to, as long as you stay within the four-foot box,” Erik recalls telling Billy, illustrating the effectiveness of clear but flexible guidelines. Lucas chimes in with observations about the evolving nature of educational tools and environments that cater to ADHD. He mentions modern educational programs that offer hands-on, real-world experiences, which could have greatly benefited them as students. “If I could have had something like this, that would have been great,” Lucas reflects, underscoring the importance of evolving educational practices to include diverse learning needs. The episode concludes with a call to action for more adaptive and understanding educational approaches. The hosts advocate for a system that not only accommodates but also celebrates the unique qualities of each student, particularly those with ADHD. “We have tons of courses, we have an app,” Joshua points out, directing listeners to resources that can aid in better understanding and supporting children with ADHD. Through personal stories and professional insights, “Ep.71 – Hyper Donkey.”


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