Ep. 69 – Story Time With Erik: What Is Burning?

Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Ep. 69 - Story Time With Erik: What Is Burning?

In the episode “Story Time With Erik: What Is Burning?” from the Empowering Choices podcast, Erik delves into a fiery tale from his childhood, centered around a unique Halloween haunted house he orchestrated in his parents basement. Despite the potential risks, Erik’s tale is one of creativity and the boundless imagination of youth. He explains, “My dad was really keen on things and you didn’t get much past him… But I had to use all the right steps, levers, buttons and things of this nature.” The adventure began with Erik’s father, who habitually bought and renovated homes. Erik narrates how his father would dig out basements to create more space, inadvertently setting the stage for Erik’s Halloween spectacle. The plan, unbeknownst to his father, involved using the basement’s eerie, unfinished section to create a haunted house complete with graves that Erik and his friends would light on fire to add a dramatic effect. “What’s the one coolest thing that no haunted house has ever had with live people going through? Open flame,” Erik shared about his clandestine addition to the haunted house. Erik’s storytelling captures the listeners as he describes the detailed setup of his haunted house, emphasizing the secrecy and excitement that went into planning such an endeavor. “We rigged this up to where… we had Halloween music going on and all kinds of little special effects that were happening, people jumping out at the kids,” Erik recalls. This segment of the podcast not only showcases his knack for storytelling but also highlights the lengths to which children will go to bring their imaginations to life. However, the episode also touches on the consequences of Erik’s ambitious project. After a successful run, the haunted house was abruptly shut down by his father following a safety concern pointed out by another parent. Erik reflects, “It was a lot of fun even the fight was kind of fun to watch… Dracula and Frankenstein, okay, that great big fight in the basement.” This anecdote serves as a humorous yet cautionary tale about the limits of youthful exuberance. Joshua concludes the episode by stressing the importance of parental involvement and supervision, echoing Erik’s experiences. He advises, “Know what’s going on in the basement of your home,” metaphorically speaking, to emphasize staying aware of children’s activities and projects. This episode not only entertains with its vivid recounting of a mischievous Halloween but also imparts a lesson on the balance between encouraging creativity and maintaining safety and oversight.


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