Ep. 68 – Big Concepts, Little Kids: Banana Like Bits

Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Ep. 68 - Big Concepts, Little Kids: Banana Like Bits

In the podcast episode “Ep. 68 – Big Concepts, Little Kids” from the Empowering Choices series, the hosts, Joshua, Lucas, and Erik, discuss the challenges parents face when communicating complex ideas to children. The episode begins with an introduction to the topic, highlighting how adults often forget the cognitive and developmental differences between themselves and children. Lucas points out, “When adults are talking to their kids, sometimes we forget that there’s been a brain shift that has occurred between childhood and adulthood.” Lucas shares an anecdote about a family therapy session where the parents delivered long, uninterrupted monologues to their child, who ultimately retained none of the information. This example underscores the ineffectiveness of using adult communication styles with children. Lucas notes, “The little mind is not absorbing anything that we say. Yes. and then we get upset because they weren’t listening.” Erik emphasizes the importance of adjusting communication styles to fit a child’s developmental stage. He suggests using concise, age-appropriate explanations rather than lengthy lectures, which can overwhelm a young listener. The conversation then shifts to the practical application of these concepts, with Lucas advising, “Less is more.” The hosts also discuss the value of asking children questions to engage them and check their understanding, rather than assuming comprehension. Erik highlights this by saying, “So if you’re sitting there and you’re eating a banana and your child comes up and says, can I have a piece of the banana and you break them off a bite-sized piece?… It’s the same.” The episode concludes with a discussion on the broader implications of these communication strategies, extending beyond mere words to actions and overall parenting approaches. They stress the importance of creating a nurturing environment where children feel understood and supported in their learning processes. Joshua wraps up the episode by encouraging listeners to explore further resources offered by Empowering Choices, which provide tools and guidance for effective parenting.


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