Ep. 67 – When Kids Say “I Hate You”: Translation “Give Me What I Want Right Now!”

Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Ep. 67 - When Kids Say "I Hate You": Translation "Give Me What I Want Right Now!"

The episode titled “When Your Kids Say I Hate You” from the Empowering Choices Parenting podcast delves into the challenging moment many parents face when their child expresses hatred. Speakers Lucas, Eric, and Joshua explore the emotional impact of such statements and discuss strategies for parents to handle them effectively. Eric initiates the conversation by addressing a common fear among parents: being hated by their children as a result of discipline. He emphasizes that such statements from children are often not about actual hatred but are expressions of frustration or unmet desires. “I find a lot of parents are very afraid of those words ‘I hate you.’ And it’s just they’re afraid of being hated,” he explains, suggesting that understanding the emotional basis of these outbursts is crucial. Joshua, Lucas, and Erik discuss the developmental aspects of why children might say hurtful things. They highlight that children operate from an emotional center of the brain, especially when young. Lucas recounts a story of a child who, denied gummy worms in the middle of the night, told his mother he hated her, illustrating the impulsive and emotional responses typical of younger children. The podcast also covers the importance of not taking such statements personally, as they are often momentary expressions of a child’s frustration. Eric stresses the significance of maintaining a bond despite harsh words: “You know, we as parents have to kind of grow a thicker skin in on the relationship.” He advises parents to give their children time to cool down before addressing the issue, reinforcing the idea that these outbursts do not reflect the child’s true feelings towards their parents. Lastly, the episode discusses the broader context of family dynamics and communication. It touches on how parents can preemptively address potential conflicts by setting expectations about language and respect within the family. Joshua shares his personal experience, where his parents made it clear that certain words were not acceptable in their household, helping to foster a respectful environment even during conflicts. In conclusion, the episode provides a compassionate and practical approach to one of parenting’s more painful challenges, offering strategies to help parents navigate their children’s emotional outbursts with understanding and effective communication.


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