Ep. 66 – You Know More Than You Think: Find Your Inner Yoda!

Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast
Ep. 66 - You Know More Than You Think: Find Your Inner Yoda!

In Episode 66 of the Empowering Choices Parenting Podcast titled “You Know More Than You Think,” hosts Joshua, Lucas, and Erik delve into the intrinsic knowledge parents have about raising their own children. The episode opens with a reflection on common regrets parents have, particularly about following others’ advice without trusting their own instincts. Erik introduces the theme by saying, “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do,” quoting Dr. Benjamin Spock’s famous advice which underscores the episode’s message. The hosts discuss the pressures new parents face, especially those who become parents later in life, who often feel they must rely on external advice due to perceived inexperience. Lucas points out, “Parents that I have that had mentioned they have all this advice that comes to them and because of their age… they feel like they don’t know anything.” This sentiment captures the self-doubt many new parents experience, which the episode aims to counter. A significant portion of the discussion focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of different parenting techniques. Erik stresses the importance of self-evaluation: “Trust yourself and then whatever it is that you choose to do, like evaluate how it’s going.” He advocates for a pragmatic approach where parents should assess and adjust their strategies based on what works best for their family dynamics. Lucas and Erik encourage parents to consider their unique relationship with their child when deciding how to implement or reject the advice they receive. They promote the idea of parenting as a personalized approach, arguing that just because a method works for one child doesn’t mean it will be effective for all. Lucas notes, “My advice is only a springboard… I didn’t have any part in the development creation of your child. You did.” The episode concludes with a broader reflection on the diversity of parenting experiences and the necessity of tailoring advice to fit one’s personal situation. Joshua wraps up by mentioning resources available through their platform, encouraging parents to continue learning and adapting. This episode reinforces the message that while external advice can be valuable, parents often possess an innate understanding of what their children need, and they should trust and cultivate this knowledge.


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